I Collaborate.
I Craft.
I Create.

I am grateful for my success being a result of collaborating with an incredible collection of peers, dedicated to our individual crafts, and focused on how to be creative in our approach to any challenge. My focus is always working together, learning, improving and honing our craft, and looking past the button pushing to how we can create something elevated and special. My work here is hopefully a reflection of that shared passion and some amazing collaborations. Thank you.

Here's some self-indulgent espousing of rhetoric in the form of quotes I'm heard saying...

"A visual design foundation reveals the destination. A process design foundation draws the map. Both are essential."

"There are no problems, only situations to manage."

"Worry about making a great film first and the rest will come together."

"If it's worth doing, do it right."


After 20 years of working for incredibly talented directors and creative teams worldwide as Creative Director, VFX Supervisor & Flame Artist, Robert "Rob" Moggach had the distinct privilege of working on high profile projects in VFX, Animation & Design with a long list of inspiring creative and technical artists.

Originally trained as a filmmaker, photographer, designer and subsequently animator, Moggach’s creative talents have pushed the boundaries of visual effects from his perspective as artist and director. This perspective has built his reputation for having an ability to intuitively understand and deliver on complex high-end creative visions.


As a VFX Supervisor and Flame Artist, Moggach has worked in collaboration with a host of world class directors for high profile clients such as Playstation, Coke, Nike, Xbox, Gatorade, Adidas and countless automotive brands. After working at studios that include Asylum, Method, and Digital Domain, Moggach led his own creative studio, Dashing Collective. From there he joined Zoic Studios and MassMarket serving as Creative Director for both studios before returning to Canada.